Mallett Springs Water Company

Always Open 24/7/365

We have owned this unique water source/service for several years now and are constantly upgrading the facility and offerings.

Established in 1973, Mallett Springs Water is the oldest continuously operated self serve filtered water vending service in Maine, maybe even the entire East Coast!  

Families have been coming here for almost 45 years and we are keeping some of the "old" with the "new".

Current offerings: 

Two grades of water: •Basic
 Each grade of water is treated with ultra violet light just prior to dispensing,

• We have added a custom "Special Blend" micro batch system for custom water orders for the agricultural users, recreational and commercial growers, commercial and industrial users seeking a specific target.

• Fresh made purified Ice that is dispensed into bags or cooler.  Our ice is fresh made and not stored in plastic bags in a cooler for months at a time.  We custom built the machine for ultra high efficiency and a small carbon footprint.  We recapture heat and and cooling cycles for efficient energy transfers.

In the works:

•Ultra high purity process water by the gallon.

•Bulk Water Deliveries:  We will be offering a 1,000 gallon tank truck with NSF certified delivery tank and provide a certificate and chain of custody from our registered and regulated public water supply for the water being delivered.  You can have confidence in our products' quality and source.